Programa: Manu Native Community & Adventure Experience 2do

4 Días y 3 Noches

Day 1: Cusco - Cloud Forest (Manu Cloud Forest)

Our service starts very early in the morning with the pick up from your hotel in Cusco (3,399m/11,151ft) right after your breakfast, this road trip goes from the Andes to the Manu Cloud Forest, we visit the Laguna Wetland from Huacarpay with abundant migratory and local waterbirds, to then cross the mountain chain between the valleys of Cusco through the winding road that passes through rocky places with trees, cliffs, waterfalls, waterfalls and waterfalls. , gorges, with a spectacular view of the sacred valley of the Incas, Here the main point is the Andean communities and their legacy. The Necropolis of Ninamarca with chullpas-funeral enclosures
with the Archaeological Center of the Pre-Inca Lupaca Culture, then we arrive at Paucartambo, the center of the ancient commercial routes of the Incas, a brief stop to enjoy this beautiful and Catholic place where You will have the opportunity to experience the Andean culture, with its dances, its traditional celebrations, learning more about the customs of the Andean communities and their
use of the biodiversity of the Amazon, we continue to the top of Acjanaco, the first place control of Park Guards and the entrance to the Manu National Park, a place that marks the end point where the Andes and which gives the beginning of its descent towards the Amazon basin, until reaching the cloud forest of Manu. If the weather conditions allow it, you may have the opportunity to see the spectacular views of the largest National Park in Peru. Meanwhile we will enjoy our delicious lunch en route, and then continue through the mist towards the San Pedro sector, as your journey progresses from the Tropical Andes we will pass through meadows and dwarf forest trees, until you reach a lush and magical world with towering trees, giant ferns, huge begonias, countless orchids, bromeliads, a diverse, with a fertile number of birds, you will enjoy the spectacular changes of scenery as you progress through
Arrive at our hostel to spend the night.
Lodge: Cloud Forest Lodge del Manu.
Meals: Lunch en route and Dinner.

Day 2: Manu Cloud Forest – Manu Learning Center Biological Station

Our activity begins very early to observe the most beautiful spectacle of the Manu Cloud Forest, the courtship of the national bird of Peru, the Cock of the Rocks (Rupícola peruvianus). This dance takes place in a very special place called LEK, where these birds do their courtship making the best demonstration of their boisterous song, their movement, their showy and colorful plumage, make the males appear in their best splendor, all of this in order for them to be selected by the female for mating between these beautiful birds and we will be the privileged spectators with such a close and incredible view. After a delicious breakfast at the lodge we resume the trip to enjoy observing even more of the flora, birds and sounds of the cloud forest. We will be able to enjoy how the mountains give way to farmland, Patria is a town en route where you will visit a coca plantation, your Guide will give a reading about the ancestral uses of the coca leaf and its medicinal properties, then we stop briefly in another settler town called Pilcopata, to continue to the last land destination this morning to the river port of the town of Atalaya port where we will board our equipped boat With an outboard motor, it has comfortable seats, life jackets and a roof that will protect you from the sun or rain. This tour gives you a first impression of the shape of an Amazon river characterized by its meandering shape, the Alto Madre River. de Dios, it is one of the most important tributaries of the legendary Amazon River, this trip lasts approximately one hour, we will arrive at the Manu Learning Center Biological Station at noon, we will give you a delicious drink as the beginning of our welcome, you will be shown your rooms , the other environments and the inductive talk before the delicious typical Manu lunch at our Station. After a short rest we will be able to explore the local trail system with your guide. During their stay in this beautiful MLC Station our guests will learn more about the natural history of Manu, the challenges presented by the conservation of this beautiful and fragile space, all our scientific projects that make this MLC Biological Station sustainable. Tonight and after dinner you will enjoy a reading with a scientific presentation by one of our researchers that helps to put real and ethical work on sustainability and conservation in context, you will understand more about our work that we do and how you Help us with your visit to preserve and maintain the living forests in the Manu Biosphere Reserve. Accommodation: Manu Learning Center Biological Station Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 3: Manu Learning Center Biological Station – Parrot and Macaw Clay Lick - Salvation

One of the most interesting activities in the Biological Station of the Manu Learning Center is the activity of the Parrots and Macaws clay lick where, among others, the endangered species the Blue-headed Macaw is observed, together with our Guide we will join the team of scientists and
researchers at dawn this morning, we will board the boat and we will be able to arrive after five minutes upstream and we will situate ourselves in an orderly and silent manner in our hiding place, to observe this spectacular activity of macaws, parrots and parakeets. When the sun rises you will be able to see the magical colors of the birds that fly together and perch in the surrounding trees, then fly down towards the clay walls in the lick, it is such a colorful spectacle with a tremendous noise as they eat the hard clay on the surface. After this
show we go back to MLC for an energetic breakfast, continuing with our activities this morning we will visit La Comunidad Nativa de Salvación to see a model of
bio-garden, part of the sustainable development project that also supplies the food to the kitchen of the MLC Station, then we will be able to enjoy a delicious lunch in a home of a local resident who will share with us their way of life, their limitations but above all their desire to have a better life through through ecotourism. We will return to the MLC Station to continue exploring our trail system and observe through them the multiple types of forest, a variety of monkey species such as squirrel monkeys,
a variety of birds, such as hummingbirds, macaw parrots and turkeys, an incredible experience, around noon we return to the lodge for lunch, after it a well-deserved and brief rest, then we will go out again for another excursion with your guide to continue exploring the 25 kilometers of trails to learn more about the flora and fauna of Manu, we will also have the precise time
to visit the garden of medicinal plants, hear about its medicinal properties, its use and traditional healing properties, in addition to local legends, we can also observe the beautiful orchid garden , within which and if it is in season we will be able to observe some of the
smallest orchids in the world, finally we will locate ourselves in the dining room to enjoy dinner together with the other guests sharing together the experiences of what we have lived these days in
the jungle of Manu. After dinner there is also always the possibility of going on a night walk to observe more species of nocturnal fauna.
Accommodation: Manu Learning Center
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 4: Manu Learning Center - Cusco

We will wake up early for breakfast, the main luggage will be collected by our staff, then we will once again board our boat for our departure day, after
safety briefing we will depart and enjoy once again the wonderful scenery of the tropical jungle. to the Port of Atalaya where you will board our land transport for the return. The
landscape will change drastically as you climb through the cloud forest of Manu, up to the Andes to give way in some strategic place we will have our lunch en route, we will make some
technical stops on the route before arrival to Cuzco. Our service ends when we will assist you on arrival at each of the hotels, all of this in charge of your naturalist guide, hoping to have given you the best of a wonderful Manu experience, here your trip comes to an end. Lodging: Not included
Meals: Breakfast and lunch

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